Empire State of Mind.

Photography Courtesy of Danny Cheung

Looks like you don’t have to be a New Yorker to have an EMPIRE state of mind.  California’s Bay Area Bhangra Empire – Dance Team is working on building an Empire of their own.

When Empire’s Team Manager Omer Mirza asked me to design their business cards, I immediately said “what’s in it for me?”  [just kidding… kinda.]

Mirza was clear with his request: “I want something dope and elegant. Make it Happen.”

Ok, done and done. [I hope!] He wanted to flirt with the use of alliteration on this one – hence the several “E” words to Exemplify Empire’s Exhilarating Entertaining & Entrepreneurial Endeavors.

After being invited to perform at the First State Dinner for President Obama, and winning a myriad of different dance competitions – it was clear that this Empire meant business .  How else better to convey this than through their business cards?

They were able to use them during their auditions for America’s Got Talent!

See them in action as they Exude Energy below.

In other news – you can enroll in dance classes they teach if you’re in the Bay Area.  They’re also available to perform at weddings! [so long as Paper Daydream is doing your wedding stationery =D ]

Street Lights, Big DREAMS all looking pretty… Let’s hear it for…

Team with The First Lady Michelle Obama, and Mr. President, Barack Obama. 

Photo Courtesy of the White House via Omer Mirza

Bhangra Empire Featured in Illume Magazine – On Performing @ The First State Dinner for President Obama @ The White House

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