{Bachelorette Weekend} ::Chocolate Brown & Blue::

When the beautiful, intelligent, & humble Komal B. was getting married — her beautiful, intelligent & humble sister came to PaperDaydream for help. We were more than happy to.

Since Neetu B. {her sister} knew she wanted a chocolate brown and blue color scheme, with a “Naughty & Nice/Sugar & Spice” theme –  thoughts for chocolate cupcakes as favors instantly popped in my head. {Though, we went with red velvet instead – it has sugar AND spice…kinda} As for the “naughty” part, she wanted a “Charlie’s Angel-esque” look for matching wife-beaters for the girls to wear out partying. So instead of doing the cliche Charlie’s Angels silhouette of the 3 girls pointing as if their hands are pistols, I opted for 5 girls…without the air-guns.  I mean, 5 hot girls are better than 3.

We  then created an “itinerary” & menu program for the weekend events for all the girls. It was a gatefold design that included the Naughty & Nice ladies on one side, and the cupcake Sugar & Spice on the other.

And the beautiful Dr. Komal B. {Now Komal G.} below rocking the custom wife beater & water bottle that we designed. {In case you were wondering, that tattoo of those lips are not real – as hard as that is to believe.}

The presentation of the cupcake favors with the T-shirts & personalized tags.

Special Thanks to Guneet G. & Danny C. for the lovely photographs.

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