Cute-Tea | Nadia’s Baby Shower Tea Party

Oh baby, baby. Are you ready for some sereni-tea, beau-tea, and a par-tea?! Whilst trying to paint you a hyperbolic picture with my corny play on words, we realize that these probably are not the best pictures/photographs for it, but for now, they’ll do.

Chocolate-Brown-&-Mint-Green-Polka.Dot-Whimsy-Adult-Adorable-Baby-Chic Tea menus, favor tags, place mats, and seating name cards were designed for Nadia’s Baby Shower hosted at Alice’s Tea Cup in NYC.

The menus were obviously inspired by an actual tea bag. A little mix of traditional with original, we thought we’d make the entire menu card a “tea-bag.” Unfortunately, dipping it in hot water would only turn it to mush instead of whipping up some mint tea. Speaking of, that sounds really good right about now…so, while I go make some mint tea for myself…y’all can enjoy the par-tea.



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