Scattered Dreams

I’m so excited to launch this new line of sexy stationary etcetera! It’s been on the forefront of my thoughts…and yes, in all of my daydreams. Relentlessly trying to come up with a logo just as sexy as the idea – I seem to be stuck!

I want it to be perfect, and I don’t know what works best to brand this. The vision for this project is a sight to see (at least in my dreams) so I am trying to get this to roll out as soon as possible! Why is it such a dilemma to come up with a hot logo!!

Anyways – I’m really excited about this and the services that Paper | Daydreams will offer =)

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  1. Please stop creating so many blogs. Our site is called blogSPOT not blogSADIA.


  2. good job leaving me valuable feedback genius!’re so useless.

    upper management.

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