Queen of Hearts

So inspired!!! I can’t help but love Alexander McQueen for his constantly crazy and edgy style. I love, love, love his dresses! He’s not afraid of anything!! The cuts are so delightfully feminine, and so daringly edgy, and so sophisticated and original.

This fall Victorian rose patterned ensemble up top is simply beautiful! The roses are delicately and so tastefully done. I adore everything about this dress – all the way from its contrast against black, the high collared neck with a slight slit, the puffed sleeves to add to that Victorian look some more, and the beautiful silouhette of this dress – It works for me in every way.

Definitely going to incorporate elements of the floral Victorian rose pattern in the next designs.

It must be fate — I just found this Victorian Rose pattern painted on the floor of Gallery 1018!

This motif is whimsical and stunning. It will translate well on paper =)

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