Pink & Green…and Stuff In Between

So I’m totally back tracking, but I thought I’d start from the beginning. Paper | Daydream actually started with my sister’s wedding. So in throwing her a bridal shower & Mehndi, I decided I should put all this energy and passion into something substantial.

I thought I’d share a few pics from her mehndi…mind you, this was 2007. I wanted something different for my sister’s entrance – and since it was just at our house…I thought a painting would be kinda traditional and modern too. I wanted it to look like henna/mehndi designs – so I painted on transparent acrylic light panels so that I could project pink and green floor lights from behind. I carried this theme for a backdrop behind her stage. I think it came out ok. In retrospect, I wish I used a stencil instead of my freehand mess!

The front of our house in daylight:

The 3 panels and the stage:

So you can’t really see my paintings that well…but they were just free-hand mehndi floral designs. I hung it at different heights and different depths.

So I hate hanging things up and actually doing event set up, so I thought I’d stick to doing my graphic design stuff …all things print =]. Here were the programs:

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