Hello, Pretty {Wild}

The MAC Hello Kitty Wild collection could not have debuted at a better time. Plans were already underway for the bachelorette party for our BFF when MAC introduced this edgy pretty kitty line. A little bit more rockstar glam WILD than the sweet lil’ sugar MILD, bride-to-be Natasha was used to.  But when it comes to bachelorette parties – MILD is not OK…WILD all the way.  So, needless to say, this was purrr-fect. {Thank you Kitty!}

Natasha decided she wanted to spend her weekend with her bridesmaids at Disneyland. While we could have easily opted for Disney characters to cohesively theme the event – we would be remiss if we did not pay homage to her favorite character in the whole wide world. We opted to say “hi” to the kitty.  So as this campaign paved the way for inspiration for all collateral involved for this bachelorette suite – I added my own flavor of dirty jokes, wit and rockstar wild to the mix.

Read with caution. You have been forewarned.

The shirts specifically read NATASHA’S BRIDAL MOB because M.O.B. are her {now} hubby’s {then fiance} initials! Mirza.Omar.Baig. We thought it would be a good personalized touch to include it on the T-shirts instead of saying “Bridal Gang” “Bridal Girls”…etc.  I recreated the MAC Hello Kitty by drawing it out on my Wacom tablet that Natasha had given to me on one of my birthday’s. {I use it ALL the time! Thanks Tasha Fierce!}



Lovely and delicious baked goods provided by moti.cakes! Love how cute and kittylicious they are. {Thank you Sarah!}

Candles and decor {inadequately featured in this blog post} provided by 2Create Design Studio {Thank you Saman!}

During the bachelorette stay-up-all-night-no-slumber-party-and-play-games, we had a little Scavenger Hunt for her. In addition to these Hello Kitty Eggs being a part of the favors, they also served as the key pieces for the scavenger hunt.   I wrote everyone’s name on them with a Sharpie, and each egg had candy and a clue for the scavenger hunt. We gave Natasha the first egg with the first clue and hid the rest of the eggs in various places around our friends place who hosted the party. I have a dirty mind…jus’ sayin’…so it was easy to write this! For anonymity purposes, I changed the name of each girl.

I designed each “Clue” to look like this:  {It was then rolled up in the egg} Here are a few samples of the clues….

(Samantha’s egg will be hiding in the washing machine)

1.  (This egg will be a freebie we give to her – it will have her name on it…everything else will be hidden)


Hello, Natasha


You should be the only thing burning hot in the household.  Don’t let anything or anyone turn up the temperature on you.  They ain’t got nuttin’ on you.


Find Sarah.

(Sarah’s egg will be in the oven)


Check out this bilboard for Toy Story I saw @ Disneyland! Totally a “That’s what she said” worthy line.

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