The Social Daydream

Looveee this motivational movie poster my friend made for PAPERDAYDREAM =] So clever and brilliant!

Ain’t gonna lie, after watching The Social Network, I felt more inspired, impressed and motivated all simultaneously.

It just reaffirmed how amazing and admirable one person single-handedly {well, two-handedly if you consider the fact that Zuckerberg uses two hands to code and type} changed the world in a matter of days with a simple idea and great application and technique.

I ain’t saying I can do all that – but this movie poster my friend made for me made me feel like anything is possible. So, I suppose it’s ok to have Social & Paper Daydreams.

Apart from the concept behind the creation and growing process of Facebook, the film was amazing. Clever, sharp, and climactic – with great dialogue and delivery!  Much like this poster! ♥♥

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