The Royal Treatment

With all the fervor and media coverage of the Royal Wedding, we’d be remiss to not make any mention of this auspicious occasion. It’s lovely that it’s a love story, and not just a forced courtship between two royal families. I think that adds to the appeal of it all. And royal blood or not, Kate Middleton exudes nobility and sophistication all around. I’m in love with their love, and the hype behind this wedding-of-the-century is definitely exciting. Even my mom is excited! {Obvi}

Mom: Did you know Prince William was an Art History major, like you?!! He’s a good match for you!

Me: Really, Mommy, Really? Darn, looks like Kate beat me to my Prince Charming then. Ah, well.

{My mom’s a little more of a {day}dreamer than me =] }

I gotta say though – I was way underwhelmed after seeing their invitation. My reaction was “Wait, What? That’s it??? “ Gold Embossed on ivory stock – with handwritten guest names directly on the invite…WITH DOTTED LINES TO FILL IN THE BLANK!? Yikes. This is slightly embarrassing. No offense.  The overall aesthetic doesn’t seem to embody the modern elegance the couple exhibits at all.

That’s when we decided to come up with our own rendition of how we feel the invitations could have looked better =] We incorporated royal blue in the palette to streamline with her beautiful sapphire engagement ring.  Throw in some antique gold, ivory and caramel, and we’ve created our version of the Royal Wedding Regal Invitation.

This is just a prototype obvi –

  • The real deal would be letterpressed on 220# ivory linen stock, {That’s like Cardboard with texture}  with blind debossing for more subtle texture, and a antique gold foil stamp along the Crest we custom designed.
  • I opted for an English Victorian Rose “Garden” for the outer casing to compliment and contrast the Heraldic Design we created for the actual inserts.
  • Then embellished with a crystalized pearl seal – and Sapphire and Topaz Swarovski Crystals on the inside.

We hope this fits the bill for the Royal Treatment they deserve.  We checked out the guest list, and noticed a certain British hottie couple – Victoria and David Beckham, so we used that as our sample invitee. {The internet is a creepy place — abundant in way too much information,  sorry.}   Thoughts??

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  1. Natasha

    You are couture stationary royalty Ms. Khawaja! I wish they just hired you already =)

    • Sadia

      awww thank you kindly lady!! =] <3

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