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I remember when my parents used to take us on our annual family trips to Vegas every winter break to eat, shop, and play at Circus Circus. Not exactly sure why, as Vegas was never rated ‘G‘– but for whatever reason, I always had a Great time. However, Gone are the days that Vegas could ever be credited as a “Family Fun Zone.” Vegas can be rated many things, but it’s definitely closer on the ‘R‘ scale, than ‘G‘.
Let’s be Real.
We live in the era of ‘The Hangover,‘ {I’m slightly in love with Bradley Cooper, so I’m OK with this era} where partying and forgetting one’s problems are glorified.

Needless to say, when Monte Carlo re-strategized their branding and ad campaign back in 2009, I was totally impressed. David & Goliath — The Creative Agency behind this masterpiece, did an incredible job at painting you perfect pictures of scandals, glamour, and luxury… all without the pretense. {Sorta}
Using French-{ish} words in a phonetic breakdown with appropriately inappropriate imagery, the result was exactly “Unpretentiously Luxurious.”

I loved the series of questionable scenes and scenarios that one expects to find in Vegas. In this case, in Monte Carlo. It was perfect. This IS what Vegas is about.

I was inspired by this campaign to mimic the unpretentiously luxurious lifestyle to create T-Shirts for Sanna’s Bachelorette trip in Vegas. I thought it would be cooler to have everyone’s shirts have a different phrase, like ‘Tray-Sheek,’ ‘Bon App A Teet’…but “Duh Botch Or Ee’ stuck.
Not sure if it resonated, or if many understood it — but the artist in me can’t do anything without intention and a deeper meaning, blah-blah. I at least hope it initiated interesting conversations. And I really hope their weekend was full of… debauchery. =]


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