{Inspiration} McQueen’s Savage Beauty Exhibit // The Met

McQueen at the Met?


The sound of that just gives me chills, I had to confirm what I saw was real.

A little over a year after his very, very untimely and unfortunate death, McQueen’s magic can be seen beautifully curated at the Met until August 7th. It’s rare that an exhibit gives me chills. It’s rare that I get nervous upon entering a museum. And it’s even more rare that I almost fainted when I heard about this exhibit– the chills and the nerves just added to the majestic experience. McQueen was a master at delivering original avant-garde fashion during his triumphant 19 year career, and I love his intention, his execution and his sinister style behind everything. One of the reasons McQueen is my all time favorite designers, is because he never fails to arrange conflicting themes so amazingly well… every season. Not only does he blend unconventional elements together seemlessly, but he infuses so much of his dark side, adding so much depth and jaw-dropping worthy reactions. With 100 pieces from his work since 1992, including pieces from his Givenchy collection, each turn and each room left me in awe.

Oh..and the quotes cited were brilliant. I loved it. It tied the collection in so well, and gave you a peak inside the genius’ thought process.

I love this man so much, I had to write about him on Beauty and The Feast too.

McQueen doesn’t just inspire me, he empowers me.



Spring 2001 – Voss Collection: Evoked images of beauty, horror, and madness. | Red & Black Feathers with Glass Microscope Medical Slides

Spring 2001: Voss Collection



“I think there has to be an underlying sexuality. There has to be a perverseness to the clothes. There is a hidden agenda in the fragility of romance…I’m not big on women looking naive. There has to be a sinister aspect, whether it’s melancholy or sadomasochist. I think everyone has a deep sexuality and sometimes it’s good to use a little of it–and sometimes a lot of it–like a masquerade.”

Fall 2009 | Gothic Romanticism with a little S&M. If I could find someone to marry me in this, I’d say I do so fast. {Ok, not really…kinda}

Fall/Winter 1998-1999 | Joan of Arc Inspired Collection: Tough and Sexy.

and I would so jump right into that jumpsuit. Over a decade later, and it’s still the sexiest jumpsuit I’ve ever seen.

Spring 1999 | Man vs. Machine // Fashion vs. Mass Production

Spring//Summer 1999 | Ensemble No. 13 | Delicately feminine with remnants of S&M channeling Old English Equestrian swag.

Fall 2010 | Swan Song Collection | Dyed Gold feathers and tulle embroidery.


Fall 2010 | Angels & Demons | Every Desi girl needs this in their South Asian Wardrobe. Bejeweled & Bedazzled.

Irere | Spring//Summer 2003 | Ivory silk organza & georgette

“You’ve got to know the rules to break them. That’s what I’m here for, to demolish the rules but to keep the tradition.” —Alexander McQueen

Sarabande | Spring//Summer 2007 | Nude silk organza embroidered with silk flowers and fresh flowers

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    Thank you for sharing! I am devastated I won’t be able to see the exhibit and grateful for the peek you’ve given me!

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