Closer Than Veins

My continued tradition to create Eid cards still lives. {Yes, “lives” …just like the monsters lurking under your bed.}  A very rare commodity these days  {Both monsters and Eid Cards} — I don’t see why the highly anticipated Muslim holiday should be shortchanged because Christmas cards are more pervasive and way cuter. Granted, I have seen my fair share of ugly Christmas cards as well. At any rate,  this {holiday} season I thought I’d do 2 versions.  {I’ve also included another Eid Card I did back in ’08 – and here’s a refresh of what the ’09 line was} I also thought I’d annoy you with my incorrect use of these fancy {parenthesis}. You’re Welcome.

This past fashion season has been all about military inspired looks and vintage-glam – so, since a camouflage Eid card probably wouldn’t blend in as well as I’d like,  I opted for the vintage-glam look instead, as seen in the first one featured.  Embellished with a pearl accent for dimension, and pattern embossed envelopes for texture to coordinate the look cohesively.

The second line of Eid Cards is more fun and whimsical. Adorned with metallic embossed swirls and pink and green crystals to compliment my design.  Envelopes are also metallic embossed with matching pink and gold swirls. Since it’s now time for Eid-Ul-Adha, I thought it was the perfect time to debut the cards I designed for Eid-Ul-Fitr. I specifically chose the #10 business envelope size, because it conveniently fits bills and checks for any possible “Eidi” gifts you so generously will want to include. You’re Welcome.

These limited edition cards went fast – and I will possibly consider making these available again. {Box of 10 for $25.00 or individual for $6.25 each}

The last card from 2008, includes a verse from the Qur’an from Surah Al-Nur. I thought it would be more meaningful to not only send off Eid wishes with a card, but with an inspirational verse from the Qu’ran too.  Maybe it will rekindle spirituality or promote dhikr. {Rememberance of God}. Maybe it will connect friends and family to their beliefs– closer than the blood that flows in one’s veins…Maybe.   If not, maybe it will at the very least brighten someone’s day. Spread love.

Special thanks to Danny C. for shooting these at the Sony Pictures Commissary. {We were on lunch break!}

Eid Mubarak! xoxo.

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