Long Story Short. {Z+M:: Save The Date}

Z & M are tying the knot. Like most couples, they have a story. So why should 8 years of “togetherness” be summed up in 3 simple words?  {And by 3 words, I don’t mean I-love-you…} So for this SAVE-THE-DATE, {ah, yes…those were the 3 simple words I was referring to}  I wrote a {long} story after a conversation with Azima based on a general “timeline” of their life events. This is the end result. {I was never a woman of ‘few words’…So, if I ever say “I have nothing to say”…I’m totally lying.}


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  2. Super cute Saadia!!!

    • Sadia

      Thank you Sidra!!! <3

  3. Zeenat

    Absolutely love this Sadia–you are very talented mA! :) (The picture with the car says it all, love Mo’s expression!)

    • Sadia

      awww thank youuu Zeenat!!! <3 <3

  4. Erum Iqbal

    That was so freaking cute Sadia!!! Love this and you have ridiculous talent! I wish Z and Mohsin the very best and am very happy they are FINALLY tying the knot! Props to you guys!! :) Really excited for you guys!!

    • Sadia

      <3 <3 thank you Erum! I wish the best for them too, iA! =]

  5. Azima

    I absolutely loved this, and so did all my guests! Sadia was a dream to work with- I was always able to reach her, and she was extra attentive to detail, and lets not forget, uber creative! Thank you again, PaperDaydream!!

    and thank you, erum, for the well wishes!

    • Sadia

      awww!!! You were quite the dream to work with as well!! Thank you, thank you!!! Soo excited and happy for you Azima!

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