Love for Louboutin: Spring|Summer 2011 {Inspiration}

So this has nothing to do with Paper, but it has EVERYTHING to do with Daydreams. Christian Louboutin’s Spring/Summer 2011 Lookbook is full of whimsical, inspiring, and boldly original photographs by Khuong Nguyen. Nguyen takes Louboutin’s work of art, and transcends it to a new work of art on a whole other level. The dream-like feel to the photography is almost reminiscent of a post-modern-surrealist  version of Salvadore Dali’s The Persistence of Memory.  It’s nonsense, it’s beautiful, it’s nostaligiac, it’s magic…and nothing makes more sense to me than materializing daydreams.

These red-bottom sole’s just got more soul.  I’m in love.

Special Thanks to Aamir Syed {ASY} @ Taacit for sharing this with me first.

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