Sealed With A Kiss.

I woke up one morning with this concept for my Valentine’s Card.  {My ipod alarm clock happened to be playing Trey Songz’s Red Lipstick, that may have had some influence.} I wanted the message to be “hidden” in the lip imprint, so you literally would have to read between the lines. I chose a hand-written font to make it look more scribbly and personable. While the copy I came up with is definitely more snarky than it is sweet, I hope these lip imprints will leave lasting impressions ON your recipients.

Oh, and I am slightly obsessed with Red Lipstick, particularly Lime Crime’s Retrofuturist Rouge Lipstick that I learned about on Beauty & The Feast’s Blog! So thank you for the inspiration =] {Perfect Rouge to leave these love marks…just sayin’}

I was so tempted to shoot these photos with my lingerie, {I worked at Victoria’s Secret in undergrad…} but I refrained and opted for red roses and black pumps.

Playlist: Trey Songz | Red Lipstick

Enjoy. Kisses.



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