Valentine Throwback

Do you remember when we had to bring Valentine Cards and candy for EVERYONE in our class back in elementary school? Just to ensure no one would feel left out… Such a considerate thing to do! What I remember the most about the cards was that they were all so ridiculously cheesy. =] Loved how they were themed around our favorite TV shows, super heroes and random other cheesy things. So to pay homage to ‘back in the days’ and to tribute all the little ones out there {Elementary school and younger!} here’s a Throwback Valentine just for Choo…You!

By the way – The ONLY reason I even did this thing was because my co-worker came up with the hilariously clever copy that he heard from The Simpson’s, for this after we worked on the Blu-ray menus for Chuggington: Let’s Ride The Rails! Perfect pairing.

Happy Valentine’s Day.



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