Cozy Cabin Christmas

So his name may not be Rudolf…and he may not have a red nose, and more importantly, he’s not even a reindeer. All the while, I still want you to feel like you have a piece of a cozy Christmas in your hand when you receive {or give out} our Moose-Mix Holiday Card.

Our leather bound mounted card is supposed to make you feel like you want to snuggle next to the fireplace, roast marshmallows, and maybe a few chestnuts, and sip some hot chocolate…while staring at your moose or deer head mounts above, in a random cabin somewhere. If you don’t feel like this, then I fail as an artist, and in life, really.

The antique gold envelope with the antique gold double-sided satin ribbon was intended to add a little glam-chic to the contrasting woodsy design. Your personal note tucks neatly behind the ribbon.

So roast them chestnuts, open that fire, make some s’mores, and send out some warm wishes, with holiday kisses.

Happy Holidays =]

ex’s & ohhh’s


PS: I drank BOTH those cups of hot chocolate after this photoshoot. I wanted to throw up…I hope you don’t feel that way after looking at these.

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