Sparkle & Shine

I may not celebrate Christmas, but I love, love celebrating the season. From the really over the top decor, the wintery warmth, the limited edition holiday drinks and food, to the cheesy music — and of course, all of the lights…this cool season makes me feel all warm and fuzzy, and makes me want to turn paper into bling. {Ok, maybe I feel like that year-round}

And I really, really wish I had a Christmas tree so I can glam/bling/embellish it up, but since I don’t — I took all that out on this holiday card.  The original concept was supposed to parallel with the season’s fashion trend of sequin dresses.  Instead of the glitter mount, it was supposed to be backed by  gold sequined fabric. That was a fail, after seeing the first prototype. In theory, it was a good idea. =| No worries, I still gots ton of gold sequined fabric, and I think I will have my tailor make me a dress like the Alice + Olivia one.  I get to match my cards =]

I’m working on my über sparkley dress, but in the meantime, I hope you find plenty of ways to sparkle and shine this season — with or without gold sequins…!

‘Tis the season to Sparkle & Shine — Here’s to a Holiday, that’s merry & divine. xoxo.


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