Casino Couture | Ashley’s Bridal Shower

Imagine a female version of Ocean’s 11– Seriously. A Team of 11 of Ashley’s Ace’s forwent planning a casino robbery in lieu of planning a casino shower. The end result: A lil’ Casino Royale, a lil’ Romance, and a lot of Sexy. Equipped with maps, spreadsheets, meetings and teams — we practically could have made our own movie! But, somehow I think the lack of Brad Pitt, George Clooney, and Matt Damon’s star prowess would not help our cause. Anyways…

I’m no gambler, but I went all in with the idea I had for the invitation. After crap shooting a bunch of “blah” ideas, I decided to keep it simple: 4 Aces for Ashley. Each card listed different information for the shower details. The cards were printed double sided with 1/4 in. rounded edges, and a Red Garnite & Charcoal Gray Swarovski Crystal on the 1st Card.

That made it easy and clear to pave the way for the rest of the design elements! A Red, black, and White color palette theme was kinda default chosen for us going off of the Card Suites and shapes.

The water bottle labels had 4 different designs; One for each card suite shape — Hearts, Diamonds, Spades, & Clubs.

When we went flower shopping, we found black flowers! Love. We paired white hydrangeas with Chocolate Cosmos, Red Roses and Curly Willow. Ashley’s fabulous twin sister, elder sister and BFF’s took care of the food and the gorgeous cake! Our other A-Team member/BFF took care of the games…It was a fabulous calloborative A-Team effort.

Cake: Calico Cake Shop | Invitation Photography: Danny C. | Event Photography: Anjali Amin & Sadia K. | Playing Card Favors: Beau-Coup | Invitations/Stationery/Waterbottles/Florals: PaperDaydream

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