Branding Design:: Rubina’s Cake Shoppe

We were so excited to work on the logo and branding concept for Rubina’s Cake Shoppe! {revamp from her shop previously known as “Rubina’s Cakes.”}

After confirming the color palette of a rose pink and chocolate brown, we thought we’d add a touch of a modern-artistic-painterly look. We initially had the logo just include the hand-drawn swirl on top, so it would look like a somewhat abstracted cupcake top, but without the bottom wrapper, it could have easily been mistaken for a ice cream sundae…We obviously added the bottom wrapper extend from her shop name. The polka-dots were a no-brainer. A little mod, a little girly, and totally trendy…and voila, Rubina’s Cake Shop relaunch had begun.

I’m really behind on posting these pictures that her and her hubby so graciously sent over, so my apologies on the delay!

Rubina was a featured vendor showcasing at the “3rd Annual Valentine Romance “Sneak Peek” Oscar® Gifting Party” in Beverly Hills, this past February!

With the event styling by Hello Kismet Events, PaperDaydream designs, and the beautifully delicious Cake Truffles and Fabulously Sculpted cakes by Rubina, I’d say the event looked like a success. Below is the gorgeous Shop Owner and Pastry Chef herself with a few of Hollywood’s familiar faces, including Kevin Eubanks from The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Vivica A. Fox {Kill Bill, Booty Call}, and Kiowa Gordon of Twilight: New Moon & Twilight: Eclipse. Everyone loved how amazing her cakes were, Oscar Nuñez from the hit show The Office even commissioned her to create his wedding cake!

Feel free to contact her to sweeten up your day, and your next event.

{Old Packaging Concept}

How DELICIOUS do these Red Velvet and Mint Chocolate Cake Truffles LOOK?? NOM-NOM-NOM!

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